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For those of you who have visited Sammi Wilson Art in Corris, Mid Wales, it is likely that you will have seen the beautiful hand embroidered Phoenix which is on display. He stands at 100cm x 150cm and he was created over an 18 month period between 2014 and 2016 by Janice, Sammi’s Mother. The Phoenix is embroidered in silk onto linen in satin stitch with thousands of colourful, tiny glass seed beads, all stitched onto the piece singly.

The embroidery was started by Janice as a gift when Sammi started Chemotherapy for stage 3 breast cancer. The final stitches were put in place 18 months later when Sammi was given the all clear.

Sammi remains in remission and her spirit is often likened to the legendary mythical bird, The Phoenix, as she has a habit of rising up from the ashes. 

This beautiful, detailed labour of love, remains a symbol of Sammi’s positivity, strength and determination to overcome adversity throughout her life, as well as being a symbol of hope for others affected by Chronic Pain and Cancer.


Whilst The Phoenix itself is obviously not for sale, many visitors have asked if there are prints of him, so this year we have made pohotographic prints of this exceptional piece of work and they are on sale in A4 mounts, A5 mounts or there are also A6 postcards.


Each sale will generate a donation which will be made to Breast Cancer Now Charity. 

The Phoenix A4 Mounted Print

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